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Beef Story

Meeting Today’s Beef Demands (Merck Animal Health)
From Grass to Grain: Exploring What Cattle Eat

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site to learn more about how beef gets to your plate. You deserve to hear the real story of beef production from those who know it best: Arkansas’ beef community. Arkansas’ 30,000 beef producing families work hard every day to deliver high-quality, wholesome beef to your family’s dinner table.

We hope this can be a resource for you to learn about the product, the family-owned and operated businesses and our carefully developed practices for producing nutritious, safe beef.

There are nearly 2 million cattle in Arkansas and the farmers and ranchers that care for these animals also tend to the land that supports the state’s thriving beef industry. Beef production contributes over $533 million to Arkansas’ economy each year, as well as providing employment opportunities in countless rural farming communities.

As you explore you’ll find information, photos, graphics, facts and figures, and other resources that work together to make up the highly scientific, deeply personal and very real story of how beef gets from our pastures to your plate.

Beef producers believe that giving animals the care, handling and nutrition they deserve is an obligation, not an option. Click here to learn more about how producers are committed to providing the proper care to their animals.

PASTURE TO PLATE-Anything and everything you wanted to know about getting the beef you love from the farm to your fork